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About Axo Finnas

Axo Finans mediates private loans and collective loans and the business is regulated by the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority's guidelines. The banks with which Axo works together have the clear agreements with and the company is not able to get compensation from others than their partners. Today, Axo Finans is represented in both Norway and Sweden. Many large, international banks cooperate with this company.

Services Axo Finans

Via this company you can borrow from 5000 and up to 600.000 SEK, neither security nor mortgage is needed. The loans offered are the best consumer loans on the market, which is adapted to your finances and situation. By taking a private loan, the lower effective interest rate than the small loan and credit. You can easily apply for a loan thanks to the application formon-line. Once Axo has received your application, it will immediately be forwarded to be processed by Axos partners. It is important to compare the various loan offers that are out there because the interest rate can vary quite a lot from different lenders. In most common cases, you will receive an answer to your application within two hours, at the same time as you receive the answer you will know how much you can get in the loan and what the loan will cost you per month. If you want you can also choose to sign electronically with BankID and then the waiting time will be reduced. To get a loan through Axo Finans, you must be over 20 years old, you must have a permanent employment, be self-employed or retired and you must also have a fixed income of at least SEK 10,000 a who, for example, may be your partner, partner or someone else in your family.

You can use the loan for whatever you want because the bank does not make any demands on security when you apply for the loan. The only thing you have to remember is that you should be able to repay the loan with interest. It is important to use the loan for something you will actually benefit from. Some common reasons that a loan is for a renovation, collect all your credits and small loans and even unforeseen expenses. Often, private loans are used to cover unforeseen expenses, for example if the car or fridge breaks down.

Complaint handling at Axo Finans

Thanks to customer surveys , Axo knows that their customers are very satisfied and the company constantly strives to improve customer management. If you think that Axo has done something wrong, you should first talk to the loan officer that your problem concerns. If necessary, this will turn to the immediate manager to try to sort out the problem. If you have any further questions, you can contact and contact the complaints manager at Axo, either by e-mail or by telephone. Within 14 days, the matter will be confirmed and an investigation will begin.

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AXO Finans
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